Programs & Initiatives

Education Programs
& Resources

Get Outdoors Nevada offers a wide range of nature and science programs designed to encourage youth to explore, sustain, and protect our shared outdoor spaces. We are committed to inspiring and equipping the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and public lands stewards!

Conservation Efforts

Our Native Habitat Program empowers schools and other locations to create beautiful gardens that benefit native species. This program provides lessons, field trips, gardening materials, and guidance from our staff. By planting native plants, participants can build essential habitats, support wildlife, create corridors for wildlife movement, and contribute to improved air quality and outdoor recreation experiences. Additionally, Get Outdoors Nevada actively supports the preservation of Avi Kwa Ame, an ecologically and culturally significant area.

Outdoor Initiatives

At Get Outdoors Nevada, we’re dedicated to uniting communities with the beautiful outdoors that envelops Southern Nevada. Surrounded by 7.5 million acres of public lands and 1000+ miles of trails, we aim to connect people to these outdoor spaces through initiatives like the Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition, River Mountains Loop Trail, Lower Colorado River Water Trail Alliance, Love Lake Mead, and Vegas Valley Rim Trail. Together, we cultivate appreciation and care for these natural wonders for future generations.