Impact and Accomplishments

Making an Impact On Our Communities

Discover the many ways we’ve made a positive impact on Nevada and its communities, whether through our extensive volunteer initiatives or our support of local schools.

Volunteering to Impact Nevada

Even one person can make a difference, but many people choosing to volunteer makes a big difference!


Volunteer Events

2012 – 2022


Hours of Service

2012 – 2022

$1.7 Mil

Value to NV Residents

2012 – 2022

What We Planted in 2022

Benefits of Planting New Trees
  • Supports local wildlife and biodiversity by providing food and habitat
  • Provide shade for people and wildlife while reducing surface temperatures in the summer months
  • Combats climate change and erosion through carbon sequestration and soil stabilization


Trees Planted

Benefits of Planting Native Plants
  • Supports and preserves biodiversity, especially in urban environments
  • It can play a significant role in ecological balance and combating climate change
  • Conserves water due to native plants being acclimated to the arid climate in Nevada


Native Plants Planted



in 2022


Programs Led

in 2022


Transportation Funding

in 2022

Connecting Nature to Classrooms

We offer a wide range of nature and science programs designed to encourage community members to explore, sustain, and protect our shared outdoor spaces.

Mojave Max Programs In 2022

What Is Mojave Max?

In partnership with Clark County’s Desert Conservation Program, this program brings engaging learning opportunities to schools, introducing students to the Mojave Desert ecosystem, with a special emphasis on the iconic and threatened Desert Tortoise, and encouraging desert-friendly behaviors.


Mojave Max Programs

What can I expect?
  • School assemblies and presentations in the fall and winter months, with an appearance by the Mojave Max mascot.
  • “Tortoise Talks” – a 45-minute interactive lesson about the desert tortoise and its habitat. Conducted year-round and visits schools, clubs or civic organizations.



Native Habitat Program

Bee the change! Our hands-on program aids schools and other qualifying locations to create beneficial ecological conditions for wildlife and includes lessons, field trip(s), plants, and gardening materials, as well as technical assistance and instruction from our education staff.

Preserving Avi Kwa Ame

We proudly join a coalition of public lands advocates in celebrating the designation of Avi Kwa Ame as the newest National Monument in Nevada. This sacred and ecologically significant area will continue to be spotlighted through our community education efforts, to build public awareness and support, ensuring its legacy for generations to come.

Nature Ambassador Program

As Nature Ambassadors, volunteers support our staff in connecting youth to nature through interpretive displays, classroom programs, and field trips. This vital volunteer role helps to inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and public lands advocates!

Caring for our Communities

In partnership with our public land agencies, see how we’ve made an impact on our community.


Hours of Volnteering

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Pounds of Trash Collected

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