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Journeying along the Colorado River – An Interactive Family Adventure

Discover the wonders of the Colorado River by participating in our family-friendly games and activities. Learn about how we use, conserve, and impact this important waterway. Engage in fun and interactive experiences that shed light on its significance to ecosystems, agriculture, and local communities. Join us for an entertaining and educational adventure as we explore the Colorado River together!

Introduction to the Colorado River

Learn about the Colorado River and all the ways we use it here in the Mojave Desert. This is an important source of water for us here in the Las Vegas Valley and we should all strive to protect it.

Complete our water footprint activity, Pages 1-3.

A Raindrop’s Journey

Learn about the ways we use water in our everyday lives and how our actions affect the Colorado River. Gather your friends and family to play a fun game called A Raindrop’s Journey.

Play our Raindrop’s Journey game, Pages 4-5.

Water Conservation Relay

Learn about the water cycle and the different phases water goes through in order to make it into our homes. Gather your friends and family to play the water conservation relay.

Play our Water Conservation Relay, Pages 6-7.


Learn about the Colorado River and reflect on the ways we use water every day! Get creative and create your own collage with supplies you have right at home.

Create your own collage, Pages 8-10.