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The Outside Las Vegas Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Outside Las Vegas Foundation builds collaborative systems, processes and partnerships that support better stewardship of public lands. Specifically, OLVF focuses on processes that increase quantity, quality and access to trails and open space systems. OLVF achieves positive outcomes in support of these efforts by working with and connecting Southern Nevada citizens, the business community, educators, advocacy organizations and governmental entities to solve important community issues regarding the use and stewardship of public lands in Southern Nevada.

Vision, Mission, and Values

The Outside Las Vegas Foundation envisions a community that enjoys, values, and protects Southern Nevada’s special outdoor places.

OLVF recognizes these resources as a core amenity that is enjoyed by residents and visitors, and that must be championed by our community. Collaborative efforts among a broad spectrum of local industries, outdoor recreation organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations provide new opportunities to highlight the role of trails and open space for both residents and visitors.

Local residents and visitors appreciate the critical importance of active living and outdoor experiences. These residents will have a high awareness of the trails and open space available in their neighborhoods and in the region. Visitors will identify outdoor recreational opportunities as a primary reason to visit the Valley.

In turn, and as a direct reflection of this vision, the mission of the Outside Las Vegas Foundation is to connect people to southern Nevada’s special outdoor places, and to focus on processes and activities that increase the quantity, quality and access to trails and open space systems.

The Outside Las Vegas Foundation carries out its work with a deep commitment to accountability and transparency. It holds itself accountable to both governmental entities and to the public. It seeks to make use of every dollar donated to the Foundation with careful attention to effectiveness and efficiency.

The Foundation is committed to integrity, community, collaboration, and accountability, but also understands that its work – and the product of its work – must and will create enjoyment and fun for all who are associated with or who benefit from the organization.