Get Outdoors Nevada is the central hub of outdoor volunteer opportunities in Southern Nevada.  We bring all volunteer happenings to you through getoutdoorsnevada.org, a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for volunteers looking to make an impact on the environmental and recreational quality of Southern Nevada’s special outdoor places.

Your donation to Get Outdoors Nevada will help ensure volunteers have these opportunities to use their time where its needed most.  Bringing eager volunteers together with sites that are in need of hands-on support is an essential component to making a difference in Southern Nevada!

How You Can Help

To Get Outdoors Nevada, stewardship becomes the community engagement tool for residents and visitors to experience the outdoors. By exposing residents and visitors to a positive outdoor volunteer experience, we help to create a population of those that can enjoy and value the natural resources throughout southern Nevada.

Get Outdoors Nevada will serve as the tool to connect volunteers with these opportunities. We aim to create a culture where the outdoor environment is approachable and accessible to all people in Southern Nevada

What Your Donations Provide

  • Purchase supplies and safety equipment for events and volunteers
  • Create and organize volunteer events
  • Recognize hard working volunteers
  • Manage volunteers, events and communications